Masters at Marches Training

Justine Holdsworth, Elaine Robinson and Liz Devismes, Teachers with leadership responsibilities at The Marches School, have become Masters of Education by completing the Chester IMG_8939University’s Masters Programme at The Marches Training School.

The MA is practise-based with email and phone support, face-to-face local delivery with the use of Chester University’s resources and library. Local delivery of the Masters course allows teachers in Shropshire schools to study, after work, with other professionals, and in a way which allows them to link what they learn, directly, to how they teach. Teaching is increasingly becoming a Masters Level profession because teachers are continuing with their professional development to increase their employment chances.

The Masters course has allowed students to study areas such as coaching, assessment for learning and leadership which has a direct impact on the learning that takes place in the classroom. All three carried out a piece of original, independent research with topics such as literacy in the UK Education System, the usefulness of AS courses and neoliberalism in education. The result of their research feeds directly into school improvement and the experience the students have at The Marches School.

In addition to the Masters programme, The Marches also delivers the National Professional Qualifications (NPQ) at different levels that allows teachers to progress through to headship. This programme is delivered to Middle Leaders, Senior Leaders and to aspiring Headteachers. Mrs Ruth Lloyd, Deputy Headteacher at The Marches School, said, “This programme provides national recognition for leadership development in schools. The individuals delivering the programme are outstanding Headteachers and Senior Leaders with years of experience in local schools. The training is innovative and exciting, based in our bespoke training facility, using the best possible resources.”

Anyone wishing to enquire about the NPQ programme at The Marches School should contact Kate Aspinall on 01691 664455.

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