Marches Training Welcomes Welsh Partner Schools

Marches Training is delighted to announce they have recently been granted permission to work with Welsh Primary and Secondary schools to offer trainee teacher placements. Due to differences in curriculum, they have previously been restricted to working only with English schools, however, due to the position of Marches Training, right on the Welsh border, the decision has been made to expand the teaching alliance. As a result, Welsh schools will now be able to access the School Direct initiative, ensuring a pool of outstanding teachers are accessible to schools in Shropshire, Wrexham, Powys and beyond.
Teacher trainees undertake two placements throughout during their training and The Marches has now been given the go ahead for at least one of these placements to be in a welsh school.
Kate Aspinall, Business Development Manager at Marches Training, commented, “This will be a massive advantage for the community in providing more opportunity for applicants to progress into a teaching career as additional placements will now be available. Many of the schools across the border engage in training courses offered at The Marches and being able to include them in the teacher training programme is a great next step. Applications for entry into the School Direct course commenced last week through UCAS and 50% of the applications received by Marches Training so far have been from applicants living in Wales, proving that there is a need for a local teacher training course that Welsh schools can access.”
Aaron Chaloner, a current Psychology trainee at The Marches School, commented, “I am very happy to be studying my PGCE at The Marches but as my experience in education prior to this was with schools in Powys, it would have been beneficial to have the choice to undertake a placement in Powys. For students next year, the option to study in a Welsh school will ultimately open up more job opportunities as they will have experience of both the Welsh and English curriculum.”
If anyone would like to discuss a range of training opportunities with The Marches, please contact Kate Aspinall on 01691 664455 or visit
Alternatively, Marches Training run a drop-in information session, on Tuesdays from 5-7pm (term-time) for anyone interested in teacher training.

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