Marches Training for Bettws Lifehouse Staff

Marches Training, the bespoke training arm of The Marches School, is pleased to announce that they are now working in collaboration with Bettws Lifehouse in Powys. Bettws Lifehouse is an independent specialised provision based in Mid Wales, providing holistic education to children who may have experienced failure in the normal main stream education system.

Holistic education is based on the principle that pupils can find identity and purpose in life by connecting to their communities, nature and humanitarian values. The purpose of holistic education is to not only provide opportunity for academic success, but also to learn to cope with challenges of life and living beyond the structures of school. Important emphasis is placed on learning about themselves, healthy relationships, responsibility, and empathy.

Registered with the Welsh Assembly Government, the school provides for children with social and emotional needs, autism or those who may have moderate learning difficulties and is a respected option for local authorities looking for a specialised provision.

The partnership with Marches Training allows the staff at The Lifehouse, who are specialist within their field, yet unqualified teachers, to have the opportunity to achieve qualified teacher status by following the School Direct programme. This will enable them to not only continue at Bettws Lifehouse but also to progress onto main stream education in the future.

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