An Introduction to Coaching

What do the following companies have in common: BBC, Dixons, Panasonic Europe and Exeter City Council? These are organisations which the Chartered Institute for Profession Development (CIPD) use coaching as to help grow their organisation.

According to CIPD Nine out of ten organisations use coaching by line managers
• Two out of three organisations use external coaches
• 84% regard coaching by line managers as ‘effective’ or ‘very effective’
• 92% judge coaching by external practitioners to be effective.

So what is coaching? John Whitmore, the Founder of Performance Consultants International, describes it as ‘Unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance’. Coaching is the act of skilled listening and questioning and the application, where helpful of tailored coaching models and tools.

CIPD’s research reported that ‘The organisation has identified clear performance differences between those who are coached and those who are not in terms of meeting targets and quickly addressing issues that arise’ and that, ‘‘Through these efforts, the organisation has seen evidence of performance improvements. For example, product quality was improved by 19% last year and sickness/absence was down from 7% to an average 2.4%.’

Marches Training based at The Marches School is delivering a Coaching and Mentoring course on 26th January 2017. This course will allow participants to learn coaching models and tools whilst using them live in the session. The course will cover: active listening skills, using the GROW model of coaching, practical application of coaching tools.

Increasingly coaching is used in the workplace and with individuals to enhance performance, productivity and well-being. Coaching skills are ideal if a company is introducing new systems or needs to develop an individual in a new area of competency. It can help when employers need to develop their work force to ensure successful succession planning or to remove barriers that prevent their whole workforce from performing to their best ability. Coaching is not only useful in the work place but is a powerful tool for people who want to make changes to their life.

The course will be delivered by Dr Julie Leoni who is a qualified life coach drawing on more than 25 years of experience, a local author and a teacher of Psychology at The Marches School. Please contact Helen Lloyd at The Marches Training for more details 01691 664452.



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