Amazing ICT at Marches Training

Marches Training, the bespoke training arm of The Marches School, is pleased to announce that they are now working in Amazing ICTcollaboration with Richard Smith of ‘Amazing ICT’ in Telford, to support partner schools with the delivery of Computer Science, in light of developments currently taking place within primary and secondary schools around the country.

Richard currently works with other teacher training organisations and a large number of primary schools, developing computing and the use of innovative technology to support learning. Richard will be delivering the training to primary teacher trainees, adding Marches Training to his network of organisations.

The Education Improvement Partnership, which includes the majority of the primary schools in Oswestry and the surrounding area, recently organised computer science training, delivered by Richard, for senior leaders and IT teaching staff.

Anna Griggs, Deputy Headteacher at Morda Primary School, commented, “ Richard’s sessions are innovative and exciting. He offers an engaging way to better understand the computing curriculum, ensuring that our primary children are getting the best possible support with their learning”.

As the Primary Co-ordinator for the School Direct cohort at Marches Training, Anna further commented, “Richard also delivers the core curriculum to our trainee teachers guaranteeing that computer science is constantly developing within our group of schools”.

The Amazing ICT website – www.amazingict has a wealth of resources and ideas for use in the primary classroom.

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